Well, my first days in this quarantine were quite disturbing, I was so obsessed about numbers of deaths, new cases every day, how this thing will end … I was worried about my family, my friends, I was spamming them in Instagram stories and Facebook advising them to #StayHome #StaySafe, I was getting anxious about my mental health, I was drowning in negativity.

One day, I decided to stop this or I will end up dead not because of Coronavirus, but the anxiety from it.

My first days as a “ productive “ person were to get away from the thoughts and clear my mind during this period, meditation was a solution for the reason that I was meditating and it was helpful during previous times.


Headspace was a lifesaver during that period, and still one of my first main tasks after waking up.

10–15 min meditation session will be more than enough to kick up the day and to start a refreshing morning, work on your breathingThen a little bit of stretching would be just fine.


This website is my main task during the day, as a result of completing this task, I will be able to access my schedule/ TODO list / Dailies and tracking my habits.

This website is my ending and my beginning for each day, I end my day creating the TODO list for the next day, in the morning I’m checking again what I can add or remove due to the circumstances of the day.


“Time is what we want most, but what we spend worst.”

RescueTime is a chrome extension and web app to track where you spend your time on the laptop. It helps me to track my wasted time on social media since I’m specifying custom domains and links since my work depends on social media like Instagram, Facebook as a digital marketer.

“The modern marketer is an experimenter, a lover of data, a content creator, a justifier of ROI”. — Kim Walsh


It’s a time tracking app. When you begin working on something, just type what you’re working on and start the timer. When you finish, stop the timer and Clockify will save the time entry. you’ll have real data that shows how much time you spend on a task.

Everyone has his own path during life, for me as an IT development student and digital marketer I would like to suggest some activities if you’re interested to gain some knowledge & certificates in this field.

Clickable links

Online Courses

Online Certificates

Movies / Series


  • The Founder
  • The Social Network
  • Thank You For Smoking
  • What Women Want
  • Art & Copy


  • Madmen
  • Silicon Valley
  • Advertising Genius
  • Betas


The key to gain meaningful self-productive is to manage your own thoughts & monitor your moods during this pandemic.

Avoid multitasking, get in touch with your senses, veer away from distractions.

It’s okay to be unproductive sometime. You’re not a fucking machine.

Stay productive during COVID-19


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